Services for Artwork Restorations

  • Conservation treatments on all paintings
  • Conservation of Murals
  • Polychromed Sculpture (example)
  • Collection Surveys

Below are the main types of procedures executed within a typical conservation treatment. Usually a number of the following procedures must be combined within a particular treatment. In all cases an examination of the painting will determine the most suitable course of action. Usually several different options can be given to satisfy the owner’s expectations and budget.

Original Condition

Removing Grime by Section

Exposing and Repairing Cracks and Chips

Painting Cleaned and Restored

Different stages in the restoration of an 18th century painting

Surface (Cosmetic) work:

  • Cleaning:
    • Removal of surface dirt, nicotine and grime  
    • Removal and thinning of old discolored varnishes  
    • Removal of old restorations
  • Reintegration of missing areas:
    • Filling areas of loss
    • Infill inpainting to retouch losses

Torn Painting before restoration

Torn Painting after restoration

Repairs (Structural) work:

  • Readhering flaking paint
    • Consolidation of paint structure
  • Repairs to damaged canvas:
    • Repair to tears and holes
    • Strip-lining to flatten and restretch canvas  
    • Lining  
  • Repairs to solid supports:
    • Repairing splits and breaks in wood panels
    • Repairing brittle, fraying artist’s board

Flaky Painting before restoration

Flaky Painting after restoration

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