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Examples of Treatment
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Conservation & Restoration of Paintings and Murals

Mural Restoration & Conservation

Murals decorating interior (and exterior) architectural spaces have existed for thousands of years. Murals may consist of paint applied directly to a wall, pigment applied into wet plaster which becomes part of the wall when dried (fresco) or as is most commonly found today -paintings on canvas adhered to a wall.

Murals on canvas are frequently executed off-site and then adhered on site to the wall with final touches added. Late 19th and early 20th century canvas murals were frequently adhered to the wall with starch paste or white lead adhesive (thick white oil paint). Today, Clay-based wallpaper paste is commonly used,

Sherman Art Conservation has experience with the restoration and conservation of all types of murals including frescos Some of the various procedures have been performed by Sherman Art Conservation include:

  • ◊  Surface cleaning
  • ◊  Consolidation and stabilization of flaking paint
  • ◊  consolidation of plaster substrate.
  • ◊  Re-attaching loose sections of canvas to wall.
  • ◊  Filling and replacing missing sections of mural.
  • ◊  Retouching and reintegrating areas of loss.
  • ◊  Removing canvas murals from wall for relocation.
  • ◊  Installation of murals

For a partial list of mural projects completed by Sherman Art Conservation, please click here.

Cleaned mural
Everett Shinn Murals Belasco Theatre
Photography by Whitney Cox courtesy of the Shubert Archive
Repaired mural
Murals in Rotunda by Robert Gaston Herbert,
Nassau County Theodore Executive Building
Retouched mural
Long Island Map mural
Mepham High School