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Sherman Art Conservation

Conservation & Restoration Fine Art, Paintings and Murals

Jonathan Sherman – Painting Conservator

Timber Hill Creek (detail) Walter Koeniger, before and after restoration

What is Art Conservation?

Art Conservation encompasses the repair, restoration and preservation of works of art. The professional conservator uses materials and methods which provide for the long-term duration of the treatment as well as the important ability to undo any part of the treatment without damaging the original object (reversibility). The preservation and integrity of the original object is always paramount. The goal is not to make something look new but rather to make something look its’ age but well preserved. Sherman Art Conservation specifically specializes in the conservation of paintings. Treatments are performed on paintings and murals of all types and the many services offered include cleaning, canvas repairs and reintegration of missing areas (retouching).

How to get started

Exploration of this website will introduce the visitor to Sherman Art Conservation. Various conservation treatments are documented as well as information about Conservator Jonathan Sherman. If you have questions about the conservation of a particular painting you own you can contact us by telephone or via e-mail and we will be pleased to discuss your painting with you.

Woman With Parrot (detail) Eugene Lotiquet 1870, before and after cleaning.